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Pretty Tags!!

I had sometime back some nice pretty tags and had sooper fun making these pretties!!
They might seem a little complicated, but I must say that these are sooper easy peasy to make !! I made them out in flat 20 minutes !! Here's a look at what I made with a nice closer look !!! That nice big pink flower is a handmade one and have been made using a scallop die!!!!!

the pretty colorful pattern paper has been done with the distress inks and I loved making this PP.

Here's another one I did!!! and this one was all the more fun!!!

Here's both of them together!!! 
I love making tags and this is my second attempt at making those and I very much loved making these!!!
Linking it up for the following challenges!!! 1) 2) 3.

Distress ink technique over at Imaginations blog

Hello all

It really has been a long time that I posted something on this blog. I know I had high hopes for this one and still do, yet, I'm kind of struggling to keep the hopes alive with all the work going on along with a little kid to take care of!
Okay, lets not dwell into my woes part, here's the big news I wanted to share :) I have been selected as a DT for the imaginations store and I'm loving to be a part of it!

Here's what I'm showcasing at imaginations today. Check out this lovely tutorial on Distress ink blending !
Also here's a sneak peak. To check the complete post, head over to imaginations