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Mixed media Monogram

I'm back with anoother creation and I know that I have been telling myself this time and again, to keep my blog updated, but things are still a little topsy tuvey at my end!!! A couple of trips back home and then my falling ill and then my little one, I'm still getting back on the track!
We just recently celebrated our little one's first birthday, which was not very elaborate, but kind of slow show!!!! Hence most of the last fortnight went in planning and executing our little affair for our little one!!! Will definitely share up the pictures soon of the party! Here's what I made for my little one, a pretty Monogram for her, and which can act as a nameplate too!!!

There is no denying the fact that turquoise is my fav color and I just simply love working with this little happiness bundle!

Here are some of the closer pics!!!

 Now that's a sweet little angel for my little angel!!!

I hope you liked my first creation for my little bundle of happiness and needless to say…

The 3D fun!!

Here's what I made for the Imaginations challenge for this months Theme. This month is all about Monsoons, so here's what I did!!!

Head over to the IMAGINATIONS blog to check on the process of making this pretty little thing!! Do leave me some love there!!! :)

Altered photoframe!

Checkout this pretty photoframe I'm showcasing at Imaginations blog today!!!

Here's a sneakpeak of the same.. Head over to the IMAGINATIONS blog to checkout the complete post!!

I hope you liked it!!! I loved this first attempt of mine!

Some fun with the distress inks

I recently made a few tags using the distress inks which can be viewed here and since the obsession for the distress inks is something which doesn't goes away for a long time, I grabbed them back again and made some simple tags! This nice blog adobe of mine has been neglected a lot this year, but I promise not to make it feel left out from now onwards, It gets a little hectic at my end and everything I end up sleeping instead of taking a little care of my blog. But not from now...kind of back in action! Here's some pretties that I made 

Hope you all liked these little beauties!

Monsoon Fun!!!

I'm back with a new DT card as a part of the challenges are imaginations!!!
This card is all about the jungle fun in the monsoon season. I love the way this one has turned out to be with all it's bright and peppy colors which truly depicts the very much clean environment which comes along with monsoon season!! Love that a little bit (actually a lot) more greener surroundings!!! :)

Here's what i'm putting up at imaginations!! hop on the the link below to view the complete post!

Happy Crafting!!

A Shaker Card!!!

I'm showing up new technique at the Imaginations blog today!!
Glitter is in trend these days and I was not far behind to use, I pretty much had decided that somehow I'll do incorporate this element into my next task.
Check out this closer look of the shaker with all that yummy glitter inside, doesn't that looks pretty??

Head over to the IMAGINATIONS BLOG ( to check this super cool technique!! Do leave me some love!

Pretty Tags!!

I had sometime back some nice pretty tags and had sooper fun making these pretties!!
They might seem a little complicated, but I must say that these are sooper easy peasy to make !! I made them out in flat 20 minutes !! Here's a look at what I made with a nice closer look !!! That nice big pink flower is a handmade one and have been made using a scallop die!!!!!

the pretty colorful pattern paper has been done with the distress inks and I loved making this PP.

Here's another one I did!!! and this one was all the more fun!!!

Here's both of them together!!! 
I love making tags and this is my second attempt at making those and I very much loved making these!!!
Linking it up for the following challenges!!! 1) 2) 3.

Distress ink technique over at Imaginations blog

Hello all

It really has been a long time that I posted something on this blog. I know I had high hopes for this one and still do, yet, I'm kind of struggling to keep the hopes alive with all the work going on along with a little kid to take care of!
Okay, lets not dwell into my woes part, here's the big news I wanted to share :) I have been selected as a DT for the imaginations store and I'm loving to be a part of it!

Here's what I'm showcasing at imaginations today. Check out this lovely tutorial on Distress ink blending !
Also here's a sneak peak. To check the complete post, head over to imaginations 


A book Card

I tried making a book card which has been on my list of to do's for a long time and since we were on break for about 4 months, things kept on adding to my wishlist (both, the one's to be made and the one's to be bought). And seriously both are a type of addiction to a craft lover like me, I know, almost everyone of you know very well what I mean!
Here's my version of the book card, which can also be used as a gift box !! isn't that nice :)

Did you check the little glitter on the flowers...and ohh yes, these flowers are handmade and m soo very proud of them :)

Entering for the following challenges
Alphabets used are L: Layers, Leaves, Lace P: Pattern Paper, Pearls, punches C : Cardstock(for making flowers) T: Tags
PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do re…

A Baby Theme Explosion Box!!

Hello People,

It's almost the end of March 2014 and here I'm writing my first post of this year. I realized that my last post on the blog was in September last year.
Gosh, 3 months have already gone by and I have not been sleeping all this while. Yes, not sleeping due some more special reasons, My little bundle of joy who's almost 4.5 month old is behind all my sleeplessness. Motherhood is one of the most lovely and craziest thing!! I have been crooning to get back to crafting (it's a relaxing therapy) when my little baby girl is asleep, and now that I have time, Crafting sure does wonders to the otherwise chaotic life :)

Okay, enough of my bantar :) I'll be sharing a Baby Themed Explosion box I did on commission.
It's quite difficult for me to decide naming it an Explosion Box or a Explosion Scrapbook for it has loads of places for pictures 24 precisely and all the more spaces for jotting down little and lovely things about the baby growing up.

Here are some …