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Framing Memories

I was asked by a relative to make a photoframe to be presented to her husband on his birthday, the only condition was I had to make the flowers like the one's I had made in my 'Love is' Explosion boxes which can be seen here and then we decided to make the flowers in the shades of blue and it came out to be exactly to be like the picture I had visualized :) and this made me very Happy

and yes I forgot to tell, the photoframe is handmade too :) It's made out of a thick cardboard and then wrapped up in white sheet.

This is when I saw up the color challenge on Itsy Bitsy and decided the team the blue with a green :) and this is how it turned out to be

I distressed another white sheet of paper with Green color and stamped it up with the swirls and placed some cute rhinestones

Here's a corner pic of the arrangement on the bottom left corner

The top right hand corner looks like the above pic :)

I added a li'l bit of lace and a charm to allow my creation for entry in …

Desk Caddy

I love Organizing things(even thought things gets messed up often ), and to do the same for my every increasing craft supplies I did a Desk Caddy smtime back which can be found here.
I made this on a custom order, and the requirement was, it should be a girly one and quite sturdy!

So I used up good quality cardboard, cutted it per my requirements and then stuck on with a sooper powerpacked glue !!

Here's what I made
I used a cute PP all full of butterflies for a cute angel..

Added up a lot of punched and embossed flowers.

Added a super cute butterfly :)

I loved making this one.. I hope you all liked it.

Linking it to the following challenges:

Fridge Magnet for Mother's Day

Hello People,

It's been a long while I have been away from my blog.. maybe not that much, but then I really do feel that I'm probably not giving it enough time. A lot of things are happening and I might be away for a while soon preparing for my exams and stuff.
Since Mother's day is fast approaching, I decided to make a Fridge Magnet for my mum :) I'll give it to her when she comes the next time, which will be hopefully soon :).

Here's what I made:

I added some flowers and the word MOM is handcut on a lovely PP. :)  The sentiment is handwritten on a distressed paper !! 

I hope you all liked my creation :)

Happy Crafting!

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!

Handmade photo frame with a white and blue theme

Hello Dear Friends,

I had a blast last month with my SIL coming over to our place along with 2 of her kids and two of my BIL and my my what a week I had with all the 4 super dooper charged kids and SIL around. Never knew that time could fly by so quickly that I had to plunge into crafts once they left to fill up the void left which was earlier filled up with voices from very nook and corner of my home..I miss them.. {sigh}
A home is soo full of life with bubbling kids all around.. :)

I remembered that my li'l nephew is turning 2 this month, so I decided to make a photoframe for him and insert a cute pic of him we had clicked earlier when he was here. I had such a fun time clicking up random pics of him doing all the mischief and playing around :)

I chose a blue theme for the photoframe and a white for the base of the frame. This is how it turned out to be.

Added a bit of Red in the flowers to jazz the combination up.. doesnt it look good ???

Close up of the flowers..

Hoping to ca…