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A Flag Book Album

Here is something which I had been postponing from a long time, and finally have completed it. Three cheers to me... and yes a pat on the back to my DH who was constantly on my back and left me with no choice than to complete this project. Don't we all delay our own projects. Phew!!! and I loved the outcome. !!

Well, this project is something which is very close to my heart as this album is all mine.. Yayyy!!! To be very frank I had no idea on how to go about with our post marriage trip pics(Me and him) and maybe this was the reason why it got delayed for this long. The other reason being, a lot of terms and conditions which were put forward by DH regarding the embellishments and not using a lot of other fancy crafty things.  Finally I found something which was best suited and compelled me to complete OUR album.

Here are the pics of the album, this is i guess my third handmade album and I totally love this one... infact i'm still drooling over it :)

Here's the cover page …

A Baby album

A few months as (yes months, precisely in March??) I got a call from a friend of mine and she wanted me to make a baby album for her daughter. It was supposed to have a lot of memories from her first year and her first year keepsake album too and I must say, I was pretty excited to start on the same.
But things got tumbled up and I ended up making the album in August( I know that's a lot of delay, but with me not well and stopping all my crafty adventures for a while, there was no choice )

and one good news is... I finally bought a BIGSHOT, the die cutting Machine :) and I'm sooper happy. Now i'm embarking on the journey to collect all my favourite dies :)

Finally, I completed the album before I embarked on my long due vacation back to both my homes, I delivered it and I'm sooper happy since it has been loved and liked by all :)

I have made a lot of flowers for this album as the album is all girlish and little girls love flowers :) I had a lot of them punched and embo…

Gond painting

I have been eyeing the gond art from a very long time now, the only thing pulling me down from trying this amazing art form was time and now that I have ample of it, I loved making this beauty.

I have tried my hand at making madhubani painting earlier and a preview of the madhubani inspired magnets can be viewed here.

Gond paintings are native to gond tribal community which hails mainly from the areas in central India. India has such rich and amazing forms of art that it's truly wonderful to see and try some of them.

Gond paintings are amazing to look at, truly intricate yet very very simple. The designs are basically evolved from everyday life yet the intricate dots, dashes and lines which fill up these everyday life inspired art form are amazing to fill up.

Here's what I made

Made on Stretched canvas with Acrylic paints.

I hope you all liked my humble attempt at making these. Custom orders for making these paintings are open. I will be happy to make one for you. For details,…

A circle Zentangle!!

As you all know that I have been bitten by this zentangle bug.. I keep on making something and then filling up the empty spaces with all what I can come up with to make some cute zentangles...
Here's wht I made with a circle.. a circly zentangle :)

I hope you all like this one


PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!



Welcome to our Birthday Blog Hop for our own DT Member Megha…
Now, Together , Sing 1…...2…….3
Our Team at KUKIES BASKET want to wish our Wonderful, Highly Talented, The Creative Crafter MEGHA JAIN A Very Happy Birthday N A Successful Year Ahead…

Butterfly Zentangle

I have been making zentangles these days whenever I get some time.. You might have seen my earlier attempts here.
Here's a butterfly zentangle I make sometime back :) and I'm pretty happy the way it has turned out to be.
What do you think??

I hope you liked it... it's an pleasant site seeing a butterfly since seeing them in Metro's these days is a miracle!!!


PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!

For the Love of Zentanlges

I have been dormant for quite a while and sadly this is gonna continue for a little more while & I miss crafting too.. Well with my current state, I'm back to one of my fav pastime of doodling and making Zentangles.. Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. for more information on Zentangles you check check out here :) 

I remember my college days when I used to make random drawings and back then I did not knew that there is a specific name for it. I always made them to relax and have fun and all the time doing something creative too :)  Here's what I made .. I hope you'll like them :)

Here's one done in black gel pen :)

I decided to go with a colorful tone on this one :) and I'm glad with the results. I thinking of making one on a canvas now

I hope you liked them all :)
Happy Crafting !

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will …

Framing Memories

I was asked by a relative to make a photoframe to be presented to her husband on his birthday, the only condition was I had to make the flowers like the one's I had made in my 'Love is' Explosion boxes which can be seen here and then we decided to make the flowers in the shades of blue and it came out to be exactly to be like the picture I had visualized :) and this made me very Happy

and yes I forgot to tell, the photoframe is handmade too :) It's made out of a thick cardboard and then wrapped up in white sheet.

This is when I saw up the color challenge on Itsy Bitsy and decided the team the blue with a green :) and this is how it turned out to be

I distressed another white sheet of paper with Green color and stamped it up with the swirls and placed some cute rhinestones

Here's a corner pic of the arrangement on the bottom left corner

The top right hand corner looks like the above pic :)

I added a li'l bit of lace and a charm to allow my creation for entry in …

Desk Caddy

I love Organizing things(even thought things gets messed up often ), and to do the same for my every increasing craft supplies I did a Desk Caddy smtime back which can be found here.
I made this on a custom order, and the requirement was, it should be a girly one and quite sturdy!

So I used up good quality cardboard, cutted it per my requirements and then stuck on with a sooper powerpacked glue !!

Here's what I made
I used a cute PP all full of butterflies for a cute angel..

Added up a lot of punched and embossed flowers.

Added a super cute butterfly :)

I loved making this one.. I hope you all liked it.

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