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Birthday's all around!!!

Hello peeps,

It's raining birthdays in our family these days and I'm having sooper fun designing and making cards and memorable gifts for everyone :)
I'm soo loving it !! :)
Here's a card I made on order :)

I kept this card simple and used contrasting colors to bring our the cuteness and sharpness each color brings on it's own.

I was going through the internet and found Iris Folding as one techniques, I had always been fascinated by this but I never knew what's it known as.. until I found it on internet and decided to put this up in this card..
I have made a gift box using the iris-fold technique :)

The card opens up to reveal the gorgeous birthday cake :) Yummy !!!

Another view of the card :)

Closer look into the cake :)

I still havnt written any wordings on the card and need to complete it :)
hopefully today....

Yayy... I'm totally loving the cakes all around :) (b/w I baked a yummy chocolate cake some time back, it was awesome ;) )

Entering it for the f…

Yummilicious Cakes and Birthday!!!

Hellos People,

It's been long that I posted anything, was busy making an explosion box, and it exploded out lots of good wishes and love and blessing for my elder Sis-in-law, for I had made it on her birthday.
She love and appreciate art in all forms and hence I decided to gift her an explosion of happiness on her birthday :) tada.... below is the explosion box I made. This is my first explosion box and to be speaking very frankly... I'm in love with them, they are soo soo exciting and fun to make and and... :) you love the look of awesomeness and happiness on someone's face when they first open it up.. :)

This is the lid of the box, I though of going with contrasting colors as they bring out a different spark to the creations :) Decorated the lid with some spiral roses and then added some sparkle to them... they got to be shining .. right :) Added some leftovers, like a silver ribbon which was a part of a wedding card once ... recycling and re-using .. it's always go…

My First Pop up Card

I'm in love... this time with the pop up cards, they look so elegant.. and beautiful. Imagine opening up to a surprise sometimes :) it's a wondeful feeling
I think I fall in love a lotta times, everytime I see a  new art and craft creation, m in love with it :)

I made this card for my one, for it was our first meet anniversary (yeah it's been a year since we first met ) and I just wanted to present a simple card which conveyed.. always and forever :)

 I just wanted to keep everything simple and not clutter it :)
Here's what the pop up looks like...

Another angle of the card.

I have used some punches here which I had bought last week, yeah I was on a punch hunt to Chandni Chownk(it's in Delhi) and found some pretty one's, but now I'm carving for more... so m gonna raid the place some time soon :)

Happy Art'ing and Craft'ing :)

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to yo…

Madhubani Painting

Ever since I visited the Surajkund Mela (For those who are unaware of this Event, this is a craft event which is and annual fair that showcases the finest handlooms, handicrafts, authentic fragrances & flavours of rich Indian cuisines) in Febuary this year, I'am fascinated by Madhubani paintings, for their vibrant and colourful nature. 
I'm more impressed and attracted towards the one's which have nature embedded in them for example the one's with the peacocks, fishes... simply love them.... :)

Here's one that I made 

I love the vibrancy of the colors in it and the contrast :) and it's gonna have a frame soon :)

I have already booked my plans for visiting the Mela again the next year !! and grab some awesome designs to work on :)

I hope you liked the painting, b/w I made this painting on plain chart paper with water colors.. and not the natural one's as used originally in Madhubani paintings... 

Happy Art'ing and Craft'ing :)

PS: If these posts inspire…

Red and White.. White and Red

Hello People..

I'm back with another of my paintings... this one is relatively simple and I have just gone with the Digital design, I'm now somehow more drawn towards the digital patterns.. for they are very eye catching.

In this painting, I have only used 2 colors... Red and a White...
Red if a very vibrant and fierce color, whereas on the other hand... white is cooler... so they both compliment each other really well..
Here's a pic of the painting.... as of now I do not have any place to hang it up.. I dont want to screw up our rented apartment... :D , so I have merely kept it at one place.

The most loved thing about this painting is.. that it can be hung any way.. it has 4 ways of display!!! Yaayyyyyy!!!! so each time I want a different view... I can always change it's alignment :)

I have used a local handmade ordered canvas board here and then have used a primer to enhance the next level of paints..Then have coated it with red colors and made the small and big bub…