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Vases !!!

Hellos Peeps,

I have this fascination of turning any bottle into a vase... so far have made 6 of them into vases, the only thing is they are all of the same shape... now I need to collect different shapes bottles and turn them into vases..'

Here's what I made from a Real Fruit Juice Bottle :)
so far this is the second one with the same embossed paper, the first one simply has a bow tied to it !!!
I thought of making it colorful this time and did some quilling.. and I simply, totally... loved doing the quilling....

Here's another view.... Loving the bright shades of colors on this one!!!

And .... I picked up some flowers from an earlier vase... and put them up here... so this is how it looks with the flowers.... Gosh.. I still have a lot of flowers made... need to assemble them soon.... and I love the blue one's so they are the one's to be assembled soon....

I hope you liked them!!!

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Recycling.... and adding colours :)

Hello Craftser's

:) I'm back after almost a months gap, was kind of held up into dont know what :O... but I'm back and with some colors added to the bored life... I always love it when someone add some shades of colors onto something which otherwise looks mundane and boring....

This time around, I made a bangle box out of a mithayi box (Sweets Box), There's been a lot of trading of sweets between our families lately... for there were soo many marriages, mine being one of them :) (though it's almost 8 months now ;) ) but still, the thing which rules in Indian Marriages is ... the sweets and bhajjis circulated to celebrate... Wow.. and so.. I had these loads of boxes and was wondering what to make outta them, when an idea clicked... why not a bangle box.... I had 2 already but then, I do get a lot of bangles on each festivals (which I totally love... I'm a bangle freak).
So here's what I made !!!

The original box did not had a see-through center, so I cutted…

Malaysian Flowers

I had been keen on making malaysian flowers using quilling the moment I saw them on the net.
I'm still a newbie in the quilling world, taking toddler steps.. :)
I hope I go a long way in quilling my designs out :)... n m loving them !!!

Here's what I made with the flowers, a wall hanging :)

Here's a closer view of the flowers :)

I used bright colors for the outlines and for the inside of the flowers for I was loving the bright contrast it created :)

I hope  you liked my first attempt at the flowers :) Hoping for more to come soon :)

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Happy Arting and Craft'ng

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts…